Drawing Machinery, Rod

#581A-60  Hetran Coil-to-Coil Model WS-15 Wire Shaving Line; new 1993; working range: 0.5″ to 1.5″; 5000 lb. horizontal pre-feeder; (2) 7-roll straightening sections; (1) 4-roll in feed; tool holder shaving head (variable speed SCR control, 100HP); 4-roll pinch roll unit; (3) belt polishers; chip conveyor; recirculating coolant reservoir; dual turntable payoffs; operators stand; spare shaving head; misc. spare parts

#99D-5278  Vaughn 4HRX Motoblox; max. inlet: .437″ approx; last drawing: .375″; finish: .220″; (4) 30″ x 60/75 HP DC motors; speed: 277/1200 FPM; finish block with stripper – air & water cooled blocks; Burton/Mentor electrical controls; 300 KVA dry type transformer

#99D-5312  MILL Model 2xTV-22/2+2xTV-13/2+TV-13/R Wire Drawing Machine; blocks 1 + 2 double deck OTO blocks 3 + 4 double block accumulator; block 5 finish; block/capstans 550mm (22″); blocks 1+2: 60HP; blocks 3-4-5: 30HP; max. inlet: 7mm; max. speed: 11M/sec (2200FPM); motors V-belt drive; die boxes water cooled

#99D-5329  Jiangyin JinLiDa 9-Block Wire Drawing Machine; Model LZ1500.2-4-560+5+SGL1000; Block diameters 1-4: 560mm, 5-9: 500mm; Block 1: 30KW AC motor, blocks 2-9: 22KW AC motors; power voltage: AC380V-50Hz-3ph; max. wire dia. start: 5.5mm (.216″); finish: 1.55mm (.061″); medium and low carbon; max. speed: 13 M/sec.; air & water cooled blocks; vertical spooler: spool dia. 40″; new 2007; never installed; like new

SOLD – #99D-5343  2012 Mekosan Model MKS630 Wire Drawing Line    –    SOLD

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#99D-5355  Eurodraw MTB460/7 Wire Drawing Machine; low carbon steel wire; 7 blocks; 460mm block dia.; drawing range: inlet: 5.50mm max., outlet: 1.60-4.80mm; max. pull on 1st draft: 800kg; final drawing speed: 15m/sec.; main D.C. motor power: 7 x 33.6kW, 1620 RPM; Supply voltage: 415V – 50 Hz – 3 phase; Take-up: ROT 560 coiler

#99D-5356  Koch KGT1250/3 Wire Drawing Machine; made in 1994; 8 drawing blocks (water cooled); drawing range dia.: 2.7-7.5mm to finished dia.: 1.0-5.0mm; S5 Siemens control; 8 x 55kW AC motor; 400V, 50 Hz; overhead payoff; wire cleaning system; 30kW traversing spooler; flange 850/900 x 600/660mm traverse

#99D-5357  Breitenbach STD 10Z Wire Drawing Machine; with Herborn Spooler (22 kW drive) included; made in 1971, refurbished in 2011; 10 drawing drums, 600mm dia. for drums; drawing range: dia. max. 6.5mm to 1.5-3.4mm dia. finished; drawing speed max: 6.4M/sec; S7 Siemens control (2011); overhead payoff; control panel included

SOLD – #99D-5361  Frigerio 10-block Wire/Rod Drawing Line; rod inlet: 7/16″ (.437″) (11.11mm); wire outlet: .086″-.172″ (2.0 to 4.5mm) high carbon material; Blocks 1-5: 36″(900mm) x 105 HP AC per block; Blocks 6-10: 30″ (760mm) x 105 HP AC per block; Block 10: vertical stripper; take-up units: deadblock coiler: 30″ x 105 HP AC motor; horizontal spooler; 50″ x 37″ (1250 x 950mm) traverse x 58 HP AC motor; Speed: 1000 FPM @ larger wire dia. .172″; Siemens S-7 300 PLC’s; E.E.I. electrical control cabinets; E.E.I. video keyboard – operators pulpit; 460V-3ph-60Hz; misc. spare parts.    SOLD

#99D-5378  Macbee 9-block/die Wire Drawer; 24″ x 60HP DC blocks; continuous dancer; inlet: 5.5; outlet: 1.5mm approx.; max. speed: 2000 FPM; Macbee 26″ x 60 HP DC Drawing Deadblock

#99D-5379  Frigerio Model RT760.7 Wire Drawing Line; 7x760mm blocks; 7x110KW DC motors; low-medium carbon; stainless steel; max. inlet: 10mm-6.5-5.5mm; outlet: 1.7-1.5-1.3mm approx.; air & water cooled blocks; max. speed: 15M/sec.; dancer unit + DIN800 horizontal spooler; CSI electricals; power: 380V-3ph-50cycle

#99D-5388  WWM Model RT560.4 Wire Drawing Line; wire dia. start: 5.5-6.0mm; block dia.: 560mm (22″); payoff tower; descaler; wire drawer; vertical spooler, spooler 1250mm spools; Sei Sistemi electrical AC

#99D-5389  Eurodraw Model MTS 610/10 + MTB 460/3 13-Block Wire Drawing Line; with BOM 630/100 Spooler and RVT600 Coiler; material hi carbon C=0.85%; blocks 1-10: 610mm x 54.3 Kw DC motors; Blocks 11-13: 460mm x 54.3 Kw motors; max. inlet: 7mm; outlet: 1.2-2.40mm; reduction per draft: 17-19%; supply voltage: 380V-3ph-50cycle