Coilers, Spoolers, Winders

 #633C-2031  Hall 20″ to 30″ Traversing Spooler; width: 8″ to 20″; 1,000 lb. cap.; 500-2500 FPM; 7-1/2HP Reliance drive motor; pneumatic air screw lift; electric motor traverse; Reliance electric flex pack plus V-S drive controls

 #633C-2047  Renco/MacBee style Dual Head Spooler-Winder; black annealed-galvanized 3- 3-1/2 lb. bar tie wire; wire dia. range: 14-16ga., .080″-.062″; Lees manufacturer hydraulic pump motor for traverse; separate motor drive spooling heads; level wind; wire straighteners; electrical controls

 #633C-2052  Traversing Take-up/Re-Spooler; 32″ removable flange; 16″ drum; 4″ traverse; 9″ max. traverse; 7HP DC motor; 500V-1800 RPM, floor mounted base motor v-belt drive; motor & traverse mechanical gear drive; floor mounted single plane wire guide unit; (2) 32″ spool payoffs; lever clutch engagement

 #633C-2071  Herborn Model SLG-1000, 800mm (32″) Traversing Spooler; 1 avail.; wire dia range: 1.6-3.0mm (.063″-.118″) steel wire; spool dimensions: flange dia: 800mm (32″); total width: 750mm (29.52″); useful width: 650mm (25.59″); speed: 6-8-10.5 M/sec (1200-1600-2100 FPM); 380V-50Hz-3Ph

 #633C-2079  Mesh Coiling Machine; heavy duty; ideal for pipe mesh; max. coil weight: 7000 lbs; max. width: 113″; mesh example: max. .400″ wire dia. @ 2″ spacing: 55 line wires; max. coil dia: 76″, min: 36″; (2) collapsible mandrels: (1) 8″ dia. x 9’8″L; (1) 18″ dia. x 9’8″ long; hydraulic power pack; 40 HP GEC moto

 #666-393  Robinson-Renco Style Reinforcement Mesh Coiler; 8’6″ max. width; 500 lb. weight capacity plus; 200 ft. mesh; electrical motor; air pneumatic

 #633C-2081  Littell/ Amacoil Retrofit Dual Reel Traversing Take-ups; Littell Models 40-18; I.D. range: 16″-20″; coil weight per side: 2000 lbs.; max. width: 17″ (presently set up for 14″ wide package); collapsible flanges and fingers; (2) x 5 HP DC motors; Amacoil Inc. 20″ Traverse Units; Seco 2000+ Carotron/ Blazer torque & speed controllers; 5 avail.

 #633C-2082  Six (6) Littell/Filmtec Traversing Single Reel Take-ups; up to .750″ wide shape wire; similar to model 40-18; 4,400 lb. cap.; I.D. range: 15″ to 20″; 48″ O.D.; max. traverse 20″; presently set up for 14″; Marathon 5 HP AC inverter-induction motors with Hypower + Dodge Quantis enclosed gear drives;  Mitsubishi programmable controller; Carotron freq. converter; Yaskawa AC drives

 #633C-2083  Littell Single End Wire Winder; 6,000 lb. cap; I.D. range: 15″ to 20″, O.D. 60″; powered; collapsible flanges/fingers; traversing Filmetec retrofit traverse system with electrical controls; round & shape wire up to .750″; 10-300 FPM; max. traverse 14″; Yaskawa AC drive/ Mitsubishi Prog. Controller; 5 HP AC motor

 #633C-2090 Hi-Draw 36″ x 24″ dia. Traversing Spooler; 37 KW motor; no electrical drive/controls

 #633C-2096  Davis 50″ Traversing Spooler; air pneumatic lift-dual pistons; manual width adjustment; Dynamic induction/Adjusto speed motor; 30HP – 1755 RPM, 230/460V; spool weight: 4,000 lbs. (possible to spool 5,000 lbs.)

 #633C-2101  EVG Horizontal Traversing Spooler; max. spool dia. DIN 1250mm; 3 ton capacity; 77.4 KW AC motor (103 HP); 380V-50Hz; hydraulic shear; operators control panel; no electrical drive controls; mfg. year: 2005.  Available separately: (2) two collapsible flange spools

 #633C-2102  Team Meccanica Horizontal Traversing Spooler; max. spool dia. DIN 1000mm (39.37″); equipped with trolley and reel ejection device; new mfg. year 2004; Spool not included.

 #633C-2103 TEUREMA Type: EHS-110 Horizontal Spoolers; max. spool dia.: 1050mm; motor 60/70 HP; Year 1991; 2 units available