Galvanizing and Wire Coating Machinery

#182-75  OTOMER (Italy) Electrolytic Galvanizing Line; OTO4 galvanizing system for continuous electro-deposition on wire; single wire line; galvanizes up to 6mm wire in 1 wire at a time.  The line is presently galvanizing 2 diameters: 4.7mm and 3.7mm; speed: approx. 80M/min.; line produces an average of 3.5MT in an 8-hr shift

#182-76  50-Wire Galvanizing Line

#89J-507  50 Sofina Down Coilers; made in sets of 4; used for coiling galvanized wire; wire dia. range: 1.4 to 7.0 mm; speed: 60 m/min (200 ft.) to 120 m/min (400 ft./min.); (48) 600 mm diameter capstans / blocks: V-grooved; down coilers supplied with individual motors both for capstans and turntable (rosette lay); individually speed adjusted by PLC; (4) 700 mm dia. capstans/ blocks: V-grooved; driven by 1 drive motor; each down coiler supplied with powered turntable.