Weaving Looms

 #665-775  Jager Model RG200 Weaving Loom; crimper assembly loom; working width: 2200mm; wire dia. range: 1.0-6.0mm; mesh widths (spacings): 10-60mm; output: 30 weft wires/min. width: 2200mm screen; Auto cross wire crimper: Deiters model KA-7; wire dia.: 1.5-7.0mm; loop table for cross wire

 #665-782  Wafios Model UL1 Wire Crimping Machine; round material; wire dia. range: 1.5-7.0mm (.059″-.275″); wire feeding speed: 35Mts/min.; no crimping rolls/tooling

 #665-783 Jager Model G-DFS Semi-automatic Wire Weaving Loom; wire dia. range:  2 to 10mm (.078”-.393”); mesh width spacings:  5 to 100mm (.196”-4”); screen weaving width:  2000mm (78.7”); hole pitch:  284mm; machine weight:  3.5 tons approx.; 440V–50 cycle; (1) Jager Model KMSA Wire Crimper, wire dia.: 2.0 to 10.0mm, speed: 7 to 10M/min.; (1) Jager Model KMSA, incomplete, spare parts machine.