Descalers – Dust Collectors

#93-77  2-Roll Heavy Duty Scale Breaker; 1/2″ rod max. Last used in line with #15 Bullblock

SOLD –   #93-78  Wire Lab/Wilco Model 1250 Automatic Brush Descaling System; Wilco Model 310 reverse bend scale breaker; automatic rod (4) brush descaler; rod size: 7/32″ to 1/2″ (5.5-12.7mm); rod speed: up to 350 FPM; electrical control panel; all mounted on common base  SOLD

#93-79  4-Roll Reverse-Bend Mechanical Scale Breaker; max. rod dia. 12mm; heavy duty; box enclosure; trolley mounted.  Includes Nederman Dust Collector with vacuum attachment

#93-80  RMG Model MD-14 Mechanical Descaler; min.-max. wire/rod: .218″-.562″ (5.5-14mm); left to right