Nail, Tack Machinery

#453-2005 Ruja Model Hawk 10N Planetary Roll Threader: wire dia. min.-max.: .062″ to .312″ (1.5 to 8.0mm); max. die face: 3-1/8″ (79.4mm); max. part length: 5″; vibratory bowl; automatic spray paint unit

 #453-2032 Wafios Model MSD-500 Nail Cutter-Grinding Machine; 2 sets of 3 grinding wheels; electrical controls

 #458L-2  Buendgens Model US1 and US2 Pin Making Machines; wire dia. range: 0.5-0.8mm (.019″-.031″); length of pins: US1 (16-22mm), US2: 55mm max.; wire straighteners; stone sharpening; 360-500 pins per minute approx.; (10) US1 and (5) US2; ages 1970 to 1980’s

 #453-3050  Enkotec Model NE01 Rotary Nail Machine; wire dia. range: 2.8 to 4.2mm (.110″-.165″); nail length: 60-100mm (2.36″-3.9″); 950 NPM; Enkotec payoff; 380V-3-50cycle; new 2002

 #453-3059  Wafios Model DS80 Double Blow Clout Nail Machines; clout nails: wire dia min-max: 2.2-3.4 (.086″-.133″); nail length: 10-80mm (.393″-3.14″); 300 NPM; standard nails: 2.2-3.1mm (.086″-.122″); machines ideal for producing clout nails, roofing, plaster board, slate, pipe nails (2 available)

SOLD #453-3062  Rudolf Grauer Model KS-110 Fully Automatic Staple & Hog Ring Machine; from coils of wire to finished glued or resin bonded staple strips in given lengths; machine is complete for production of 15 ga. (.072″) 1/2″ crown flooring staples in lengths of 1-1/2″ to 2″; processes 2 wires simultaneously, (can take up to 10 with finer wires); wire dia. range: 0.4 to 2.4mm (.0157″-.094″); wire feed length: 12 to 110mm (.472″ to 4.33″); max. length of leg: 75mm (3″); max. width of staple: 40mm (1.57″); max. stroke performance: 420/min.; drive: 2.2 KW   SOLD

 #453-3063  Wafios Model N-90-L Nail Headers; 2.0-3.8mm (.078″-.149″) wire dia. range; nail length: 50 90 90mm (1.96″ to 3.54″); NPM: 800 approx.; new 1994; 10 available

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 #453-3065  Fencing Staple Machine; presently set up producing 5/8″-1″ length; 3.0mm(.118″) wire dia., flywheel with dual form tooling, misc. change gear for different size staples, motor driven, V-belt

 #453-3312  Vitari Model SIN25R Nail Collator; wire coils; nail dia: 2.1-3.4mm; nail length: 32-100mm; wire gauge: 0.75mm; degree:  16o ; Nail distance: 6 to 8mm; output: up to 2000/min.; new 2001

 #453-3316  Wafios S-110 Nail Machine; wire dia. 2.2 to 3.8mm (.087″ to .149″); nail length: 13 to 110mm (.512″ to 4.331″); NPM: 350 approx.; HP: 5.5 kW, 380V; misc. tooling.  Production example: 150 Kg of nails 38mm/100mm per hour (330 lbs./.15″ x 3.94″); excellent condition; (1) decoiler, (1) polishing drum 

#453-3318  Nail Plant: (8) eight Wafios N-5 nail machines, wire dia: 2.2-4.2mm, nail length 13-105mm, NPM: 430; (1) one Wafios N-6, wire dia: 3.1-5.2mm, nail length 13-150mm, NPM: 370; (1) one Spike machine, 8mm wire, 300mm length; automatic tumbling & polishing system. Available at additional cost: semi-automatic packaging line

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 #453-3319  Nail Plant:
-(1) Wafios S-65 Nail Header
, wire dia: 1.5-3.0 approx, nail length: 10-65mm, 500NPM
-(2) Wafios N-75 Nail Headers
, wire dia: 1.8-3.1mm (.071-.122″), nail length: 13-75mm (.512″-2.983″), 550 NPM, 4.4HP
-(1) Wafios N-4 Nail Header
, wire dia. 1.8-3.4mm (.070″-.133″), nail length: 13-80mm (.512″-3.14″), 550 NPM, 5.5HP
-(1) Wafios N-140 Nail Header
, wire dia. 3.1-4.6mm (.122″-.181″), nail length: .512″-5.512″, 370NPM, 7.5HP
-(1) Kovopol Nail Header
-(1) Misc. Wire Payoffs
-Nail Polish-Tumbling Drum
-Overhead Jib Demag, Jib Crane & Hoist

#453-3322  Vitari V14 Nail Header; wire dia.: 1.4 to 2.4mm (.055″-.094″); nail length: 10-50mm (.590″ to 2″); 700 NPM approx.; U.S. voltages; 230-460V

 #453-3323  Vitari V-17 and V17R Nail Machines; 4 available; wire dia.: 2.5mm to 3.1mm (0.1″-.122″); nail length: 20-75mm (3/4″ to 3″); 550 NPM

#466G-576 (#453-3324)  Nail Production Plant; containing (8) Vitari and (1) Wafios Nail Making Machines; also includes Team Meccanica 5-step Wire Drawing Line with AC motors and uncoiler/descaler/spooler.  All Vitaris are R-type and consist of: (1) V20/R (1978) 2.2mm-3.9mm dia. wire, nail length: 30-105mm; (5) V17/R (1978/80) 1.8mm-3.1mm dia. wire, nail length: 20-75mm; (1) Vitari V14/R (1980) 1.0mm-2.2mm wire dia.; nail length: 15-50mm; (1) Vitari V10/R (1980) 0.8-1.5mm wire dia., nail length: 10-30mm; (1) Wafios DS80 double stroke, 2.2-3.4mm wire dia., nail length: 10-80mm bets10 kredi