Drawing Machinery, Intermediate

#99C-5236 M+E (Italy) Model NG12 + SP900 Wire Drawing and Spooling Line; 12 die wet draw; 2 cone; start-inlet: .098″ (2.5mm) to .133″ (3.429mm), finish-outlet: .045″-.070″ (1.143-1.7778mm); 90KW AC Motor (120HP); M+E SP900 32″ Spooler, spool size: 910mm + 760mm; 18″ traverse; 34.5 KW AC motor (46HP); dancer payoff tower units; inline oil mist coater; Siemens Micro Master 440 PLC electrical controls; panel mfg. SCS static control systems (Italy); 460V-3ph-60 cycle; new 2006; 1 lines avail.

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