Bending Forming and FourSlide Machinery

#172B-870 Nilson Model S-1 Fourslide; standard wire dia: .094″ (2.4mm); standard feed length: 8″; regularly ran galvanized .115 to produce hog rings; variable speed; mechanical clutch; 2-plane straightener; knockout

#656-228  Timesavers Controlled Velocity Finishing-Deburring-Polishing Machine,Model HZ-160; S/N 20337/F; 5.5 cu. ft; 4 barrel – 20-1/4″L x 12″ dia.; motors: 10HP – 2HP-.5HP; 220V-3ph-60cycle; electrical controls: Toshiba ESP-130 transistor inverter; programmable tachometer; very similar to MASS Finishing Industires Model HZ – MASS Finishing Ind. purchased Timesavers approx. 15 years ago.

#656-229  Richwood Industries Controlled Velocity Hi-Energy Centrifual Barrel Finishing-Deburring-Polishing Machine; Model CV-600; S/N 5002031; 1 cu. ft; 4 barrel; 10-1/2″L x 7-1/4″ dia; 304 SS barrels; 3 HP – 230V – 3Ph-60cycle-15 amps; 2 spare large, 2 spare small barrels