Staple Machinery

#620-42  Rudolf Grauer Model KS-110 Fully Automatic Staple & Hot Ring Machine; from coils of wire to finished glued or resin bonded staple strips in given lengths; machine is complete for production of 15 ga. (.072″) 1/2″ crown flooring staples in lengths of 1-1/2″ to 2″; processes 2 wires simultaneously, (can take up to 10 with finer wires); wire dia. range: 0.4 to 2.4mm (.0157″-.094″); wire feed length: 12 to 110mm (.472″ to 4.33″); max. length of leg: 75mm (3″); max. width of staple: 40mm (1.57″); max. stroke performance: 420/min.; drive: 2.2 KW bets10 kredi