Chain Link Fence Machinery

#77A-178  Wafios Model DF-3 Chain Link Fence Machine; 2M width; wire dia. range: 1.6 to 3.0mm; double spiral; AFK-1 Compactor

#77A-184  Wafios Model VDF-80 Chain Link Fence Machines; double spiral; mesh widths: 4000mm (4 Mts); wire dia. range: 1.5-3.8mm (.062″-.149″); mesh spacings: 9-100mm (.375″-4″); 2 available

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#77A-187  Wafios VDF-80 Chain Link Fence Machine; 3 meters; min.-max. wire dia.: 1.60-3.20mm; tooling: 30×30, 50×50 and 60x60mm

#77A-192 (c/r #162-210)  Wafios ZF-2 Wire Ornamental Border Fence Weaving Machines; Height of fence:  0.40 Mt. (15.75″) and 0.65 Mt. (25.59″); Horizontal wire dia.: 2 to 3 mm; Vertical wire  dia.:  .55 to 2.3 mm;  automatic roll take- up; 380-400v 50 hz.; operational; 2 available

#77A-193  Wafios DF-32 Chain Link Fence Machine w/AFD-250 Compactor; wire dia. range: 1.5-3.8mm (.059″-.149″); 2.0M width; mesh spacings: 20-70mm (3/4″-2.75″); speed: 200M2/hour; 380V-50cycle-3ph; 2 available