Chain Link Fence Machinery

#77A-148 Wafios Model VDF-80 Chain Link Fence Machine;wire dia. range: 1.5 to 3.8mm (.060″ to .149″); min.-max. weaving width: 500 to 2000mm; output: 1830 sq ft hour @ 2″ mesh, 5′-6′ weaving width; 4kw – 380V – 3ph – 50cycle 

#77A-178  Wafios Model DF-3 Chain Link Fence Machine; 2M width; wire dia. range: 1.6 to 3.0mm; double spiral; AFK-1 Compactor

#77A-180  (2) VDF-80 Chain Link Fence Machines: (1) 3Mts, (1) 2Mts wide; double spiral; wire dia: 1.5 to 3.8mm (.062″-.149″); mesh spacing range: 9mm to 80mm (3/8″ to 3-1/8″); conventional roll take-up; speed: 1830 sq. ft/hour (170M2/hr); voltages: 380V-50-3ph.  Also available: Wafios VEF10 and SKET Draweba 2 meter wide

#77A-182  (2) two Telcisan Chain Link Fence Machines; double spiral; (1) Model TLS-600: weaving width: 200 to 6200mm(8″-20′); (1) Model TLS-300 weaving width: 3000mm (10′); standard wire dia. range: 1.8-3.2mm: weaver can do up to 4.0mm (.157″) galvanized, 2.9mm-4.5mm PVC; wire dia. mesh: 40x40mm – 85×85; PLC controlled; Power: 5.5KW, 380V; Capacity: 120-160 M/2; new 2016

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#77A-183  Wafios Model DF-51 4M Chain Link Fence Machine; Double Spiral; wire dia. range: 1.5-5mm: galvanized and plastic coated wire; 4 Meter working fence width; knuckling and twist ends; mesh width range: 20 to 100mm; presently set up producing 50mm high tensile wire; hydraulically driven; 15 KW AC motor and electrical controls

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#77A-184  Wafios Model VDF-80 Chain Link Fence Machines; double spiral; mesh widths: 4000mm (4 Mts); wire dia. range: 1.5-3.8mm (.062″-.149″); mesh spacings: 9-100mm (.375″-4″); 2 available

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#77A-185  Agape Model AG-1500 Hi-Speed Chain Link Fence Machine with Compactor; year 2006; max. fence height: 4M (13′); wire dia. range: .080″ to .192″ (2-5mm); mesh range: 1″ to 3-1/2″ (25 to 89mm); 2″ + 1-1/4″ tooling; speed: 200 to 1500 RPM; compactor recoiler; electrical power: 480V-60Hz-3Ph; excellent condition