Hexagonal Netting Machinery

#162-198  Wafios Model SF-21 Hexagonal Netting Machine; standard twist; wire dia. min.-max.: 0.6-1.1mm(.023″-.043″); mesh size: 3/4″ (can do 1-1/2″ by skipping 1 hole); max. netting width: 6’11” (2.1 M); number of strokes/min: 125; BM-4 Spiral Coiling Machine; (1) Spooling machine for steel spools

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#162-200  Wafios Model SF-23 Hexagonal Netting Machines; standard twist; 2 available: (1) 1″ spacing, (1) 1/2″ spacing; maximum weaving width: 2200mm (86″); wire diameters: min. 0.06mm-0.90mm (.023″-.035″); max. 2.2mm (.089″); drive motor: 5.5kw; 50-90 SPM; each weaver supplied with DW5S spiral spooler; 380V-50 cycle

#162-204  Hexagonal  Wire Netting Machine; standard twist; ideal for gabion products; 4 meter width; wire dia. range: 2.0-4.2mm approx.; last weaving 2.6-3.4mm; mesh size: 80mm x 100mm; 32 SPM; powered roll take-up; floor mounted wire guide; 4 wire spiral coiling machine, 44M/min.

#162-208  Wafios Model AWK22 Hexagonal Netting Winder; max. width: 2200mm; AWK22 mandrel to be 50mm dia. with 10mm locking pins inserted; 415V-3ph-50cycle; new 2003