Drawing Machinery, Fine Wire

#99B-5235 M+E (Italy) Model NG12 + SP900 Wire Drawing and Spooling Line; 12 die wet draw; 2 cone; start-inlet: .098″ (2.5mm) to .133″ (63.429mm), finish-outlet: .045″-.070″ (1.143-1.7778mm); 90KW AC Motor (120HP); M+E SP900 32″ Spooler, spool size: 910mm + 760mm; 18″ traverse; 34.5 KW AC motor (46HP); dancer payoff tower units; inline oil mist coater; Siemens Micro Master 440 PLC electrical controls; panel mfg. SCS static control systems (Italy); 460V-3ph-60 cycle; new 2006; 1 line avail

#99B-5300  Herborn Model FV1-14 Superfine Wire Drawer; 14 draft; last drawing non-ferrous precious metals: suitable for copper, also ferrous nickle alloy & S.S.; start .004″; finish .002-.0007″ (depending on draft set-up); normal drawing speed: 2400 FPM up to 4000 FPM; 1-1/2HP Adjusto speed motor; built in spooler: 2-1/2″ dia. x 3″ trav. x .700″ bore; electrical controls; ceramic cones
#99B-5362 Eurodraw GCR Model TB4 Wet Draw Machine; 4-cone, 21 die; input: 0.8mm-1.70mm(.031″-.066″); 14.50% area reduction; 18 meters/sec.; submerged tank; power: 36.1 kW DC: 190-440V; supply power: 380V-50cycle-3ph; spooler
#99B-5363  Eurodraw Model TCOSW24/6+1 Fine Wet Drawing Machine; number of passes: 25; number of cones: 6; wire alloy: low-high carbon: nickel-copper brass alloys; inlet wire max.: 1.40mm hi carbon (.055″); 1.60mm low carbon (.062″); outlet wire: from 0.50 to 0.08mm (.019″-.003″); max. speed: 20M/sec. (4000 FPM); 13.5% area reduction 1st 16 dies; 17.5 KW AC motor; lubrication recirculation; Spooler: BSW400
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