Testing & Checking Equipment

#637-211  Tinius Olsen 60,000 lb. Tensile Tester, Model Super “L”; retrofitted with model 398 display & pressure transducer; relay box for automatic controls; hydraulic lever grips; 440V-60Cycle-3Ph

#637-212  Sjogren Torsion Tester, Model D2266B; table mounted; wire dia. range: .051″-.250″; tester for brittleness, inclusions, hidden seams and other flaws – ferrous + non-ferrous wires; 12″-15″ max. length; chucks with replacing jaws; GE Statotrol II controller; GE Statotrol motor – 1/3 HP; Boston gear box 300 series; 3 weight: 20-10-5

#637-213  Accutest Model 502 Tensile Tester, computerized test system; 500 lb. capacity; single 500 lb. drive screw; Accutest II control panel; Sensotec 500 lb. load cell; P.T.E.S. & Fletcher clamps; Hewlett Packard Pavilion PC; Compaq monitor