Payoffs & Turntables


#633B-2013    Vaughn Rod Flipper, single arm, 12′; 5,000 lb. approx. cap.

#633B-2053  Littel model 40-18 Automatic Centerless Reel-Payoff; 4000 lb. cap.; max. width of coil: 18″; inside dia range: 15″ to 20″; max. outside coil: 48″; electric spindle brake

#633B-2059  28″ dia. Payoff Turntable, non-powered; 18″ dia. x 32″ high stem

#633-2062  47″ dia. Powered Turntable (last used in conjunction with deadblock coiler); base: 53″ x 55″ x 14″ high; Baldor 1HP motor; chain driven to Winsmith gear reducer; 1800 RPM: 7.5:1 ratio; Reliance VS drive; SP500 controller; Acme transformer

#633B-2074  Rod Flipper 6-Arm Rotating Payoff; carousel type; 5,000 lb. coil weight per arm approx.; heavy duty rotating base

#633B-2081  RMG Dual Arm Saddle-Type Rod Payoff; max. rod: 5/8″, .625″; coil weight per side: 5000 lbs. approx; overall length: 14′; coil width:  60″; SH saddle height: 56″; base: 5’x5′; overall height: 7’3″

#633B-2094  RMG Z-Flipper Payoff; 4,000 lb. capacity per arm; dual opposite arm; mounted on heavy duty rotating base

#633B-2097  Accra Model D-40 Powered Wire Payoff Turntable; 4,000 lb. coil weight; wire dia. size: .050″ to .500″; Marathon 7-1/2HP DC; supplied with pulley units; ideal for payoff to wire drawing machine