Turksheads & Rolling-Deforming

#659-756 Fenn Model 5P Turkshead;  4 roll; max. rect. 1-3/8″ x 3″; min. rect. 0 x 1-1/2″

#659-802  DEM (Italy) Rolling Cassette Unit, Model CLF-150-30-33-F-D;  6-roll unit: 3+3, 3 grooved-3 smooth; min-max wire/rod dia: low-med carbon: 3-14mm(.118″-.551″), hi carbon: 3-10mm (.118″-.393″); internal cooling bearing lubrication; new 2012; excellent condition; complete technical specifications upon request

#659-809  Wire Shaping Line; 5U/4U Turksheads on common base; large assortment of tooling.
(The line was originally supplied with a 24″ x 50HP Bullblock, which is no longer available.  As an option, please review Ref. #99A-5279.)


#659-816  Clifford (RSA) Model IPC13 Integrated Profile Straightening & Cut-to-Length Line; new 2016; rod input max: 14mm, min. 5mm; min-max. cut length: 2000-12000mm, 6’5″-40′; speed: 180 mts/min; IPC13: Profile 3x30Kw-AC motors, spinner straightening, 5 die: 22Kw; rotating cutoff; runout sections; Model FP2000D dual flipper payoff system, 2 x 2500kg: 5-14mm wire; Model MDS14 2-plane mechanical descaler: 5-14mm wire; Model SAD screw lubricant applicator (dry powder); Model FMC floor mounted collector and end alignment system; (1) Model PKG/TS-CSG six roll cassette roller dies; tooling for 8-10-12mm; voltage: 380V-3ph-50Hz

Click here to view video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gESZmRpyNs

#659-825 (c/r #99A-5426)  Herborn-Breitenbach GHST-4, 5-Do Wire Drawing Machine; mfg. 1988; inlet/outlet wire dia.: 5.5-13/5.5-12mm; inlet/outlet wire strength: 450/850N/mm; drawing speed: 1.6-5.62m/s, with winder, payoff, sling inspection, wire coating GSG and additional accessories