Stranders, Cablers, Closers

#628B-1833  DSG 1+36 Tubular Strander, 36 Bay; spool size: 315mm x 200mm; RPM’s: 400-500-800; inlet wire dia steel: 0.6-1.5mm (.023″-.062″); non-ferrous: 0.7 to 1.8mm; max. dia. core: 12.6mm; max. dia. of rope: 16.2mm; max. lay length #: 32; lay length max: 162mm, min. 27mm; line speed: min.-max: 2.6M/sec – 0.18M/sec; pull capstan wheel: 1000mm (39.37″); payoff spool: 1000mm; take-up: 1000mm; power: 55kW; overall length: 47,860mm (157 feet); weight: 22,500 Kg (49,500 lbs.)