Barbed Wire Machinery

#28C-399  Wafios STH-2 Barbed Wire Machines;
 4 available;
Iowa-Glidden-Domingo and other types; strand wire dia: 1.5 to 2.8mm, 2 strand; barbed point wire dia: 1.4 to 2.2mm, 2 or 4 pt.; distance between barbs: 60 to 150mm (2-3/8″-6″). Machines presently set up at 4″ barbed spacings. 7.5 KW AC motors; 400V-3ph-50cycle

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SOLD –     #28C-400  (2) Bekaert Mfgr. Type MM Hi-Tensile Reverse-Twist Motto Barbed Wire Machines; line wire dia. 1.70-2.50mm; barb wire dia.: 1.40-2.00mm; presently producing 4″ barb spacings; 4 post payoffs; 400V-50cycle-3phase – SOLD

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#28C-406  Tanisaka Model TSB-5N Barbed Wire Machine; IOWA pattern; 2.5mm line wire, 2.0mm barbed wire

#28C-407  Agape Model AP-RTB260 Hi-Tensile Reverse-Twist Barbed Wire Machine; line wire dia.: 1.6-2.0mm; tensile: 900-1200 N/mm2; barbed wire: 1.4-1.8mm; tensile: 450-500 N/mm2; line wire twists between barbs: max. 5 twists; barbed spacings: 3- 3-1/2″- 4″-5″-6″; max. coil weight: 25kg; motor: 5HP; 400V-3ph; double reel coiling; wire payoff