Drawing Machinery, Fine Wire

#99B-5362 Eurodraw GCR Model TB4 Wet Draw Machine; 4-cone, 21 die; input: 0.8mm-1.70mm(.031″-.066″); 14.50% area reduction; 18 meters/sec.; submerged tank; power: 36.1 kW DC: 190-440V; supply power: 380V-50cycle-3ph; spooler

#99B-5375 FRIGERIO Model LSD25 WET DRAWING MACHINE (Large inventory); Material:  high carbon brass coated steel wire; Drawing range: inlet range: 0,65 – 1,0 mm, outlet range: 0,10 – 0,14mm; Tensile strength: inlet max.: 1.320 MPa, outlet max.: 4.150 MPa; Number of passes: 25, Number of cones: three pairs: 3 x 2; Cone diam. with final capstan; Drawing speed max.:  18,0 m/s; Drive motors:  AC motors; Main Motor: Nominal power (for 97 machines): 15 kW, Nominal power (for 97 machines): 11 kW.  HORIZONTAL SELF TRAVERSING SPOOLER model BT315; Wire range: diameter: 0,10-0,14mm; Spool’s Dimensions: Flange:  Spool A: 315mm, Spool B*: 255mm, Spool C*: 288mm, Spool D*: 250mm.  MARIO FRIGERIO AUTOMATION DRIVES AND CONTROLS, PLC Siemens S7.  MOTORIZED SPOOL PAY-OFF for model SDM112; Material: high carbon brass coated steel wire, Wire range:  0,65 – 1,0 mm; Tensile strength:  max. 1.350 N/mm2; Spool’s dimensions: Flange:  1.150mm

#99B-5376  M+E (ITALY) MODEL NMG25 FINE WIRE WET DRAWING MACHINES; (Large Inventory); Wire drawing and drawing of brass high carbon steel wire; Wire diameter entry – exit; min-max.: 1.26mm to 0.220mm; 1.01mm to 0.175mm; 0.98mm to .160mm; 0.92mm to .140mm; 0.70mm to .100mm; 0.58mm to .080mm; Number of passes/die:  25; Number of cones:  4; Main motor power:  22 kW AC.  M+E SPOOLER, Model SP350; Motor power:  11 kW AC; Flange:  315mm; Traverse:  156mm; Bore: 150mm; Electricals: 400V – 50 cycle – 3 phase

#99B-5385  Schmidt Model 100-8 Fine Wire Drawing Machine with Automatic Spooler A 160-200; 1999 mfg.; material: carbon steel (steel cord-saw wire); stainless; max. inlet: 1mm (.03937″) @ 400-450N/mm2; Finish outlet: 0.080-0.16mm @ 1200N/mm2 (.003149″-.006″); 30 dies; draw speed: 0-30M/sec (6000 FPM); step cones-wet draw; cone diameters: 200mm (8″); 3 cone pair-single wire