Welded Fabric & Mesh Machinery

#666-390  Davis/Robinson style Mesh Welding Line; 8′; Line wire diameter: 10ga (W1.4) to 6ga (W2.9); Cross wire diameter: 10ga (W1.4) to 6ga (W2.9); Line wire spacing: currently fixed 6” across 96”; fully automatic cross wire feed; automatic longitudinal wire feed from coils; fully operational – excellent condition

Mesh welder is no longer available.  Only the coil take-up unit is available.

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 #666-393  Robinson-Renco Style Reinforcement Mesh Coiler; 8’6″ max. width; 500 lb. weight capacity plus; 200 ft. mesh roll; electrical motor; air pneumatic

 #666-394  Mesh Coiling Machine; heavy duty; ideal for pipe mesh; max. coil weight: 7000 lbs; max. width: 113″; mesh example: max. .400″ wire dia. @ 2″ spacing: 55 line wires; max. coil dia: 76″, min: 36″; (2) collapsible mandrels: (1) 8″ dia. x 9’8″L; (1) 18″ dia. x 9’8″ long; hydraulic power pack; 40 HP GEC motor

 #666-395  Davis style Mesh Coiler; 8′ mandrel; 500 lbs. mesh coil weight; pre-tension roll assembly, motor and controls

 #666-401  EVG Welded Mesh Line; Model G5/102; automatic; wire dia. 4-10mm; max. mesh width: 2500mm; min.-max. welding width: 1800mm min – 2800mm max.; longitudinal pitch spacing: 100-200; traverse/ cross wire: 50-250; 110SPM; longitudinal and cross wire fed from spools; auto cross wire feed; 24 bobbin payoff stand; prestraightening unit; pulling unit; power 800 KVA + 30; 400V-50cycle-3ph

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 Ref. #466G-572
Harex Milled Cut Steel Fibers Machines for Concrete Reinforcement
; milled cut fibers made from steel slabs: quality S355. 3 machines: (2) two Harex type FVH130-2, (1) one FW55; width of slabs: 150,200,250,300mm; height of slabs: 450-900mm; length: 7000mm max; (2) slabs same time: 220 x 900 x 7000mm; forms: triangular transversal section; hooked ends; light longitudinal torsion; fiber dimensions: length: 32mm + 2mm, width: 3.80 + 0.50mm; tensile strength: min. 800N/mm2; packaging in boxes: 20-25kg; yearly production: 15,000 ton – Ref. 466G-572 (#659-813, #666-404)

#666-418  EVG Model LGR/52 Wire Mesh Machine; min.-max. wire dia. longitudinal & cross wire: .148″ to .250″ (3.8-6.3mm); max. welding width: 52″; long. wire of coils: cross wire pre-cut hopper fed; min. line wire spacing: 1-1/2″; cross wire spacing: 3/4″ (.750″/19mm); strokes per min: 120 to 130 approx.; (4) 150 kVA transformers; double cut shear; programmable stacker; electrical-weld controls; in process of being rebuilt

#666-421  EVG Model WM3/65 Roll Mesh Take-up; width of fabric: 1700mm(65″); dia. of roll: 1000mm(40″); dia. of roll mandrel: 200mm; roll wire dia: 3-6mm; center height of mandrel: 800mm(31″); tension rollers; hydraulic pump unit; 8KW mandrel motor; operators pulpit; mesh roll discharge; no electrical controls; previously used on EVG GRS65 mesh welder

#666-433  EVG Model LSM 12/48-8 Mesh Welding Line; max. mesh width: 750mm(30″); min. 200mm (7’8″); line wire from spools: min.-max.: 8mm-12mm; cross wire from spools: 4-5mm (auto cross wire); line wire spacing: min. 100mm, max.: 300mm; mesh length: min.-max. 2000-6000mm; 415V-50 cycle; 8 wire payoff


Ref. #466G-574  Welded Wire Mesh Plant
EVG Mesh Welder
, Model GE 12/102-LTPV, semi-auto., long + cross wires from pre-cut, max. width: 2450mm(8′), min.-max. mesh length: 2000-6000mm (12′-20′), min.-max. cross wire spacing: 50-400mm, long. + cross wire dia.: 4-12mm max., approx. 110 strokes per min.
(2) EVG Wire/Rod Straight & Cut Machines, Models DRE 8-C and DRE 12-C, stationary shears
8-C wire dia. range: 4-8mm
12-C wire dia. range: 6-12mm
spinning arbor/rotor, rotating shear cutoff, speeds: min.-max. 80-160 mts/min., rod collection table: 6 Mts(20′), payoff turntable
Eurodraw Rolling Deformed Line, enter wire dia: 16-5.5mm, outlet wire dia: 14-4mm, speed: 11.0 Mts/sec., rolling mill Model MTO760, (2) two horizontal blocks, block dia: 760mm, 170 KW AC, (2) DEM Rolling Cassettes, Pay Station model SVD/2, (2) hydraulic tilt payoff stands, 2 x 3000 Kg, Mechanical Descaler Model RD140/2, Soap Dispenser-applicator, Spooler – horizontal-traversing Model BOM1250, flange: 1250mm, Siei Sistemi 400V, 3ph, 50Hz, PLC drives Siemens Simatic S7

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#666-442  EVG Model GZF/85-HP; max. working width: 90″(2250mm); max. welding width: 85 (2137mm); min.-max. line & cross wire dia.: 1.0 to 3.0mm, line wire spacing: min. 12.5(1/2″); cross wire spacing: min.: 12.5mm(1/2″); line & cross wires from coils; SPM: 100 max. approx.; payoff back frame; line wire interlock device; line wire break detection; line wire straighteners; mesh torsion; edge trimming & slitting units; cross wire payoff; coil winder for rolls; drive motor: 20 KVA, 380V-50-3ph7

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SOLD – #666-443  EVG Mesh Welding Line; Model GRS/144-C; presently producing 3D fence mesh; welding width: 3760mm (144″); welding length: max. 3000mm (adjustable); cross wire spacing: min. 0.5″(1/2″, 12.5mm) steplessly adjustable; line wire spacing: min. 1″ (25mm) steplessly adjustable; cross wire dia. min. 2mm (.078″) – max. 6mm (.236″); line wire dia. min. 2mm (.078″), max. 8mm (.318″); speed: 120 SPM – cross wire; payoff turntable; cross wire payoff system; line wire guide/pull unit; line wire straighteners; welder; mesh shear; (2) Japan Robot mesh turner-stacker offline; 12′ press brake; tooled for 3D fence panels; nominal welding transformer power load: 50% of I.D., 1500 KVA; drive motor: 274 KVA; 400V-50 cycle – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

#666-444 (#32A-161) Machine for production of steel fibers (fully automatic) with hooked ends, closed type, M-1 Model ZSN; 0.8-1.2mm fiber diameter, 50mm fiber length; 15 spools; 11kW enging consumption; includes command and control unit, dust suction, spools platform, spare parts

NOT FOR SALE – TAKEN OFF THE MARKET.   #666-449  EVG Model GE12/96 LPTS Mesh Welding Line; min.-max. welding width: 1000mm-2400mm (39.37″-94.48″); min.-max. cross wire spacing: 50mm-400mm; longitudinal spacings 100mm-150mm steplessly adjustable; min.-max. cross & longitudinal wire diameters: 4mm to 12mm; longitudinal and cross wires from pre-cut; Speed: 110 SPM; (2) EVG Straight & Cut Machines; Model (1) DRE 8, 4-8mm, 6Mt runout; (1) DRE12, 6-12mm, 6Mt runout.  NOT FOR SALE – TAKEN OFF THE MARKET

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#666-453  Ideal FSD Mesh Welder; line + cross wire dia. min.-max.: 2.8mm-6.0mm (.118″-.236″); max. width: 1650mm (64.96″); max. working length: 3200mm (125.98″); mesh spacings: line wire min.: 25mm (1″); cross wire: 15mm (.590″); number of line wires max.: 25; strokes per min.: 80; line + cross wires from precut; producing panels; inline wire nibbler; stacker-turner unit; S-7 controls; 380V-50-3ph

#666-458  El-Met Sistem Off-Coil Welded Wire Mesh Line; mesh width: 8′; wire diameter: .160″-.232″ (4-6.5mm); max. number of line wires: 17; line wires fixed @ 6″ spacing (152.4mm); cross wire spacing: 4″ (100mm)- 9-3/4″(250mm); number of transformers: 9 @ 45KVA; auto wire crossfeed with wire straightening rolls; longitudinal straightening rolls; LAR feed; shear; stacker & turner; supply voltage 200KVA

#666-459  Schlatter MG24.1/8C Mesh Welding Line; new 2004; min.-max. working width: 1000mm-2400mm; mesh panel: 2.0-6.0 meter (3000-6000mm); line wire spacing: min. 50mm(2″), max. 250mm; cross wire spacing: min. 25mm above stepless: 1; line wire dia. min-max.: 3.4-12.7mm (present 10mm); cross wire dia. min.-max.: 3.4-12.7mm (present 10mm); strokes per minute: 120 SPM; max. number of longitudinal wires: 24; manual line wire feed system; mesh roller pull-in device; mesh pull-out and stacking unit; Transformers, type C, 8x125KVA, 380V-50cycle-3phase.  Available at additional cost:  (2) DeLisi Model HS12H Straight & Cut Machines; 2004; min.-max. wire dia.: 4-12mm; 6 Meter max. cut length

#666-460  Jager Model GS820 Mesh Line; max. width: 2500mm; line wire: 4mm-10mm (from spools); cross wires: 4mm-12mm (pre-cut wires); min.-max. length of panels: 3.000-9.000mm; min. distance cross wires: 30mm; speed: 140 SPM

#666-468  Schlatter Model PG 16 Mesh Welder, min.-max. line and cross wire dia.: 2 to 8.5 mm (.078″ – .334″); max. width 1650 mm (64.96″); max. line wire spacing: 50 mm (2″); cross wire spacing steplessly adjustable: 10 to 150 mm (.393″ – 5.9″); 8 x 70 KVA transformer, 480V-60 HZ.; line wires from coils, cross wire hopper fed, 16 line wire straighteners; edge shear, mesh roll take-up 

#666-470 Eurobend CNC Programmable Wire Mesh Welding Line, 3D fence panels, Model PLC25-26ETFSE50x6-8B/3m and Eurobend Multi-wire Straight & Cut Machine, model MELC Polyline 4-8×3145; mesh line: line wire: 4-6mm – smooth or ribbed: cross wire: 4-8mm; number ofline wires: 50, max. working width: 2600mm; max. welding width: 2500mm (98.45″); max. mesh length: 3000mm (118″); line wire spacings: 51mm programmable in steps of 51mm; cross wire spacing: 50-500; 90 SPM; 6 transformers; 160 x 6; main feature, C.P.U. Industrial microprocessor; auto cross wire feed; line wire pre-load unit; Eurobend multi-line Straight & Cut

#666-471  EVG Model GZF-85 Welded Wire Mesh Line; Max. working width:  90″; Max. welding width:  85″ (2.185mm);  Wire dia. range line and cross wires: .054″-.102″ (1.38-2.60 mm); Line wire spacings: 0.4″ (0-100mm) in steps of 1″ (25mm); Cross wire spacings:  .393”-4” (0-100mm) in steps of .196”-.393” (5-10mm);  payoff frame; cross wire payoff unit; line wire guides; line wire straighteners; GZF-85 welder; cross wire edge trimming; crimping; roll take up; 400V-50HZ 

#666-472  EVG Model GZS-102 Welded Wire Mesh Line; Max. working width: 108″; Max. welding width: 102″ (2590mm); Wire dia. range line and cross wires: .078”-.196” (2mm-5mm); Line and cross wire spacings: 0,5″- 8″, in steps of 0.5″ or 1″ (12.5-25mm); Speed: 100 strokes per minute; payoff unit; cross wire payoff unit; line wire guides; line wire straighteners; GZS-102 welder; cross wire edge trimming; roll takeup; 400V-50 HZ

#666-479  EVG Model LGR/72-C Wire Mesh Welder; year of construction: 1998; wire dia. 2mm-6mm; cross wire pitch: 12.5mm stepless; line wire pitch: 25mm stepless; max. panel length 3mt; max. panel width: 1800mm; speed: 120 strokes/min., the tons then depend on the type of product (diameter of the wire, size of the mesh); a rough estimate stands at 3000 tons with 220 working days arrangement over 3 shifts

#666-480  EVG Model GD6 Welded Wire Mesh Line; Number of line wires (equipped for) 24; Line wire dia.: 3.3–10.0mm; Cross wire dia.: 3.3–10.0mm; Cross wire spacing, steplessly adjustable from  100/150/200/250/300m; Line wire spacing (setting at delivery 100mm) 100/150/200/250/300mm;Max. distance between outer line wires: 2500mm; Max. width of wire mesh: 2400mm; Line wire pull-off system; Line wire destressing unit DE 45/102; Line wire advance system TL RVD; Cross wire advance system TQD 3000V; Cross wire spool system SQ2; Number of transformers at 50% duty cycle: 10 at 140 kVA; Line wire shear MD 35/102; Automatic mesh turning and stacking T 60/102 unit; roller conveyor; Labeling machine EAP Control unit,  Siemens Simatic S7–new


#666-481  Schlatter MG230 Welded Wire Mesh Line; line wire Ø min: 3,5 mm, line wire Ø max: 14 mm; cross wire Ø min: 3,5 mm, cross wire Ø max: 14 mm; mesh width min: 100 mm; mesh width max: 2500 mm; number of line wires max: 25; line wire feed: pre-straightened bars; cross wire feed: pre-straightened bars; line wire distance min: 50 mm; number of welding presses: 25; welding width max: 2400 mm; mesh length min: 1200 mm; total connected load: 1034 kVA; operation voltage: 400 V; frequency: 50 Hz; control voltage: 24 V; LsV Longitudinal wire feeding system; LFE 6.2 Automatic longitudinal wire feeder; MG 32.21 mesh welding machine; QFE 34 cross wire feeder; QZM, cross wire feeder; single wire bending device; MHV precision mat puller; MS 12 mat stacking device; support table for MS 12; PLS S7-300 control center; Bending and stacking machine 

#666-482  SMEI SM-M24 D8GP Mesh Welding Line; new 2008; semi-automatic for producing reinforcement mesh; fully operational, installed in plant; max. welding width : 2400 mm; Min.-Max. Line and Cross wire dia.: 4 to 10 mm; Max. strokes per minute: 180 approx.; smooth or ribbed wire; max. line wires: 24; line wires fed from spools; line wire payoff unit: 24 rotating stations; cross wire feed: straight and cut wires, hopper fed; line wire feed unit;  24 line wire straighteners; LAR line wire feed system; Model SM140 mesh welder; mesh shear; stacker and turner; operators pulpit; 12 x 110 KVA transformers; 1.3 MWA; 400V – 50HZ