Miscellaneous Draw Blocks & Capstans

#99E-5223  Hi-Riding Stripper for 24″ & 26″ Blocks

#99E-5224  Hi-Riding Stripper for 24″/26″ blocks

#99E-5262  48″ Hi-Riding Strippers; 4″ dia. bore

#99F-5293  Vaughn 24″ Stripper Draw Block; 9″ face, 4″ flange, 1-1/4″ lip, 2-3/4″ bore; stripper slots: A to B to C to D: 17″; resurfaced by Parkway Kew

#99F-5294  Vaughn Draw Block; Vaughn 22″/35″ double deck stripper block with stripper; block dia. 35″; 10″ face; 6-1/2″ flange; 2″ lip; 7″ bore; 1-3/4″ keyway; stripper: 6’high, flange to flange: 22″; 12′ feet; 1″ thick steel flange, 5″ tube

#99F-5296  Vaughn 42″ Double Deck Drawblock; 7″ bore, 12″ face, 3″ flange; hi-riding stripper, bulldog gripper

#99F-5297  Vaughn 42″ Double Deck Drawblock; 7″ bore, 12″ face, 3″ flange; bottom flange can be removed

#140A-687  Dutch Electric 200 HP DC Motor & Electrical Controls; 650/1350 RPM; 500Volts; 325 amps; blower/cooling fan: 7.5HP 230V/460V; electrical controls: Warner Control Techniques: Mentor PLC controller: 460V-3ph-60 cycle

#140A-688  North Western Electric Co. 250HP DC Motor; 1150 RPM; Arm volts: 500; Amps 399 DC (last used on Morgan 4BW wire drawer); Country Electric Company electrical controls

#140A-689  500HP DC Motor; Philadelphia gearbox; Joilet electrical controls; Westinghouse motor: 500HP; 550V-3ph-60 cycle; 1150 RPM; Philadelphia gearbox, 3 speed, size: 4015; ratios: 1:1, 1.41:1, 1.75:1; Joliet Simoreq electrical DC controls; Microprocessor DC: max. input: 480V-3ph-60cycle

#656-228  Timesavers Controlled Velocity
Finishing-Deburring-Polishing Machine,
Model HZ-160; S/N 20337/F; 5.5 cu. ft; 4 barrel – 20-1/4″L x 12″ dia.; motors: 10HP – 2HP-.5HP; 220V-3ph-60cycle; electrical controls: Toshiba ESP-130 transistor inverter; programmable tachometer; very similar to MASS Finishing Industires Model HZ – MASS Finishing Ind. purchased Timesavers approx. 15 years ago