Welders, Butt & Spot

#672-697 Micro J5S Butt Welder; steel wire: .080″ to .250″ (2.0-6.5mm); 240V, 3 ph, 60 cycle; 80 amps; 17.5 KVA transformer; water cooled welding head; air operated foot pedal

#672-738  Electro-Apparate-Ba Buttwelder, Model DS-2; wire dia. range: steel: .015″ to .078″ (0.4 to 2.0mm); 120V – single phase; Sergel dry transformer (step-up); high volts 480/240V; low volts: 240/120; mounted on moveable base

#672-768  Ideal Butt Welders, Model DSH025; wire dia.: .4-2.5mm (.016″-.098″); 230V; 50/60Hz (2 available)

#672-769  Ideal Model DSH035 Butt Welders; wire dia.: 0.5-3.5mm (.020″-.138″); 230V; 50/60Hz

(7 available)

#672-770 Ideal Model DSH070 Butt Welder; wire dia.: 0.8-7.0mm (.031″-.276″); 480V; 50/60Hz; grinding wheel; no annealer

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