#630-659 Marshall Richards Barcro Model 2-F 2-Die Swager; max. cap. solid: 10mm (.393″); max. cap. tube: 25mm (1″); 2.2kw motor; 380V-3-50 cycle motor

#630-663  Langelier Co. Model #4 Swaging Press; swaging couplings to wire rope; die holder base: 8″x6″; die holder: 5″x4″; present die size: 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″; foot pedal-air pneumatic tool clamp; Ajax electric motor: 7.5HP – 1140 RPM; 220/440 – 3 – 60cycle; 5 belt V-drive

#630-664  Fenn 4-F Swager Dies; 4 die sets

#630-665  Fenn Model 3A 2-Die Swager; capacity: 5/8″ solids, 1-3/4″ tubing; foot pedal brake; last swaging wire rope/fittings; 5 HP – 3ph – 60 cycle; misc. dies & hammers; this model just prior to Fenn purchasing Standard Machine Company

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