Plants, Complete Wire


Ref. #466G-574  Welded Wire Mesh Plant
EVG Mesh Welder
, Model GE 12/102-LTPV, semi-auto., long + cross wires from pre-cut, max. width: 2450mm(8′), min.-max. mesh length: 2000-6000mm (12′-20′), min.-max. cross wire spacing: 50-400mm, long. + cross wire dia.: 4-12mm max., approx. 110 strokes per min.
(2) EVG Wire/Rod Straight & Cut Machines, Models DRE 8-C and DRE 12-C, stationary shears
8-C wire dia. range: 4-8mm
12-C wire dia. range: 6-12mm
spinning arbor/rotor, rotating shear cutoff, speeds: min.-max. 80-160 mts/min., rod collection table: 6 Mts(20′), payoff turntable
Eurodraw Rolling Deformed Line, enter wire dia: 16-5.5mm, outlet wire dia: 14-4mm, speed: 11.0 Mts/sec., rolling mill Model MTO760, (2) two horizontal blocks, block dia: 760mm, 170 KW AC, (2) DEM Rolling Cassettes, Pay Station model SVD/2, (2) hydraulic tilt payoff stands, 2 x 3000 Kg, Mechanical Descaler Model RD140/2, Soap Dispenser-applicator, Spooler – horizontal-traversing Model BOM1250, flange: 1250mm, Siei Sistemi 400V, 3ph, 50Hz, PLC drives Siemens Simatic S7

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Ref. #466G-572
Harex MilledCut Steel Fibers Machines for Concrete Reinforcement
; milled cut fibers made from steel slabs: quality S355. 3 machines: (2) two Harex type FVH130-2, (1) one FW55; width of slabs: 150,200,250,300mm; height of slabs: 450-900mm; length: 7000mm max; (2) slabs same time: 220 x 900 x 7000mm; forms: triangular transversal section; hooked ends; light longitudinal torsion; fiber dimensions: length: 32mm + 2mm, width: 3.80 + 0.50mm; tensile strength: min. 800N/mm2; packaging in boxes: 20-25kg; yearly production: 15,000 ton – Ref. 466G-572 (#659-813, #666-404)

Ref. #466G-573  Flux Core Welding Wire Production Plant; production capacity: 2200 tons per year: 10 hour x 25 days; (2) Fukuchiyama flux core forming lines; (hoop feeding, forming, flux filling, drawing & winding, spool winding); (3) Chang Jun Ind. Model YSM-30 wire drawing, 10 x 450mm blocks/dies; (2) infrared radiation heating furnace: Bulim Industry 4000mm W x 5000mm H x 3400mm L; (4) high speed winders, Sambo machine; (4) Pail pack winding machines; (2) Automatic packing machines; compound flux mixing

#666-438  Welded Wire Mesh Production Plant; Mesh Welding Line Model MG208, min.-max. welding width: 1000 to 2500mm (40″-98.4″); line wire spacing: 75mm-300mm; cross wire spacing: min. 50mm (2″) to 250mm; 32 line wires (set up for 13); cross & line wire dia: 4-8mm; 120 SPM; Koch Model KHB3000 Wire Drawer & Deformer: (2) Rolling Cassettes; WEZ-3 Descaling Unit; BSG/T Dry Coating Units: KHS1250 horizontal spooler; UKA-2 payoff-tower system; (2) Wafios Model R-43 Straight & Cut Machines; (1) 2013, (1) 2007, 3-10mm wire dia.

#466G-577   Complete AWM Welded Wire Mesh Line, Welded Lattice Girder Line, Model ARM; and Cold Rolling & Deforming Line.  This is a combination of Ref. #666-439, #666-441 and #659-819.  Also includes ancillary machinery and equipment, compressors, 60+ steel spools, tooling, parts, etc.  Units can be sold separately

#466G-578 (#99B-5387)  MIG Welding Wire Manufacturing Lines; 2 lines available; decoiler towers; 10+1 wet drawing machines; baths (acid, copper coat + rinse); 750Kg spoolers; respooling; drawing dies; lubricants; misc. spools