Plants, Complete Wire

Ref. #466G-573  Flux Core Welding Wire Production Plant; production capacity: 2200 tons per year: 10 hour x 25 days; (2) Fukuchiyama flux core forming lines; (hoop feeding, forming, flux filling, drawing & winding, spool winding); (3) Chang Jun Ind. Model YSM-30 wire drawing, 10 x 450mm blocks/dies; (2) infrared radiation heating furnace: Bulim Industry 4000mm W x 5000mm H x 3400mm L; (4) high speed winders, Sambo machine; (4) Pail pack winding machines; (2) Automatic packing machines; compound flux mixing

#466G-578 (#99B-5387)  MIG Welding Wire Manufacturing Lines; 2 lines available; decoiler towers; 10+1 wet drawing machines; baths (acid, copper coat + rinse); 750Kg spoolers; respooling; drawing dies; lubricants; misc. spools

#666-493  Welded Wire Mesh Plant for the production of reinforcement mesh; EVG welding machine model ATT 10/102-LTPV, semi-automatic welder; year 2012; mesh width (cross wire length): min. 1200mm; max. 2500mm; mesh length: min.: 2000mm; max.: 6000mm; cross wire pitch: min.: 50mm; max.: 400mm; line wire spacings: 100mm and multiples there of; cross wire dia.: min.: 5mm; max. 10mm; line wire dia.:  min.: 5mm; max.: 12mm; line wire from pre-straight and cut wires; automatic cross wire feed; wire fed from spools: dual spool payoff; machine speed: 150 CW/minute; welding transformers: 1600 KVA; power of driving motors: 396 KVA; main voltage: 3 x 415V, 50 HZ; DEM Cold Rolling Line, year 2012; SVV/2 Coil payoff; RD 140/1 mechanical descaler; SOA soap applicator; MTO 760 cold rolling machine, horizontal capstan / block; (7) DEM cassettes, rolling and deforming; BOM 1250 spooler; low carbon steel wire C= 0.20% max.; drawing range: inlet  dia.: 13.5 mm; outlet dia.: 5 to 12mm; line speed: 12 m/sec.; Wire straighten and cut machines; Wafios Model R43, new 2005, wire dia. range: 4 to 12mm; Wafios Model R51, new 2003, wire dia. range: 6 to 12mm; (85) 3 ton spools; (2) butt welders