#89J-477  Morgan Model DB-16 Deadblock Coiler; 22″ block x 20HP DC Motor; 500V-3ph-60 cycle; 850/1700 RPM; ratio: 2.01:1

#89J-487  Vaughn 24″x40HP DC motor Drawing Deadblock; min. wire dia: .062″-.080″; speed: 1100/2200; drawing die; killer rolls; Control Tech.

#89J-496  Hi-Draw Drawing Deadblock Coiler; 24″ x 40HP AC Motor; 1780 RPM; 230/460V; max. speed: 3400 FPM; air pneumatic brake; cooling for block; die holder on flywheel; spare 24″ block; no electrical drive/controls

#89J-497  Morgan Deadblock; 22″ diameter block; wire dia. range: .080″-.175″ S.S.; speed: 2400 FPM; coiling only – no die; 34.5 KW AC Siemens motor

#89J-498  Whitacre 30″ x 150 HP DC Bullblock; min.-max. wire: .078″ to .362″ approx.; die box on flywheel; last used in conjunction with single die bullblock

#89J-499  Robinson Eng.-Renco Deadblock Coiler; Max. enter: .217” approx.;  Last coiling: .187”- .200”;  Double block/ capstan machine – 2 draft; Entry block dia.:  16”; Exit block dia.:  30”; 1200 FPM approx.; 100 HP; Turntable

#89J-500 – Renco Macbee style Drawing Deadblock; 26″ block x 75HP DC motor; Sabina electrical controls

#89J-501 – Macbee Model 16DBLC-15B Drawing Deadblock Coiler; 16″ capstan/block; 15 HP DC motor; wire dia. coiling range: .047″-.125″ (1.2-3.1mm); electric clutch brake; dancer control unit mounted on machine; air pneumatic horn-lift; approx. speed 2500FPM

#89J-502  GMS (Glader) 16″ Drawing Deadblock Coiler; min.-max. wire dia. range: .047″-.135″ (1.2-3.4mm) approx.; 30HP DC motor; speed: 2500 FPM approx.

#89J-504  Morgan 22″ Drawing Deadblock

#89J-506  (8) Frigerio Model ADM80 Vertical Dynamic Take-up Coilers; new 2011; inverted v-grooved 800mm (31.50″) dia. blocks; wire dia. range: 5.5mm-9.5mm (.216″-.375″) galvanized wire; line speed: 20-60M/min. (200 FPM); high + low carbon: max. carbon: 0.85%; 1,200 Mpa; individual AC motor drive to fly plate; AC motor driven turntables; wire stem carriers: 2.0 ton capacity; (8) wire payoff system; (8) 2-plane wire straightening units

#89J-507  50 Sofina Down Coilers; made in sets of 4; used for coiling galvanized wire; wire dia. range: 1.4 to 7.0 mm; speed: 60 m/min (200 ft.) to 120 m/min (400 ft./min.); (48) 600 mm diameter capstans / blocks: V-grooved; down coilers supplied with individual motors both for capstans and turntable (rosette lay); individually speed adjusted by PLC; (4) 700 mm dia. capstans/ blocks: V-grooved; driven by 1 drive motor; each down coiler supplied with powered turntable.