Straighteners & Cutoffs

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#627-1032  Lewis Model 6C Straight & Cut Machine; wire dia. cap. min-max .156″-.312″ (3.9-8.0mm); 3′ runout track; 15 HP motor; 5 die rotary arbor; stationary cam cutoff

SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE     #627-1044  Lewis Model 8-F Travel-Cut Straight & Cut Machine; wire dia. cap: .156″-.375″; 5/32″-3/8″ (4.0 to 9.5mm); feed speeds: 110-125-135-160-200 FPM; 20′ runout track; min. cutting length: 11″; 25HP; 600V motor; feed rolls air pneumatic – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

#627-1056  Lewis Model 11-12FHA Straight & Cut Machine; wire/rod min.-max. straightening: 3/8″ to 3/4″; cutting capacity over 3/4″ for higher tensile rod; 20′ travel cutoff; flying shear; pneumatic feed roll pressure; cutoff shear; air clutch; 100HP main drive; Astec model PO-3/4″1-FD Powered Payoff

#627-1061  Lubow Straight & Cut Machine, model Lorex 8; wire dia. range: .125″-.312″ (3.17-8mm); 10′ runout track; stationary cutoff; 7.5kW (10HP) arbor motor; 2.2kW (6HP) feed & shear motor; misc. tooling

#627-1062  Lubow Straight & Cut Machine, Model Lorex 12;  wire dia. range: .125″ to .375″ (3.17 to 9mm); 16’5″(198″) runout track; stationary cutoff; 12.5kW arbor motor; 4Kw feed cutoff motor; misc. tooling; Cutler Hammer controls

#627-1067  Shuster 2A4V Straight & Cut Machine; min.-max. wire dia: .125 to .312″ (3.1-8.0mm); 10′ runout track; low-medium carbon wire; stationary cut-off; 200 FPM; 4-roll feed rolls; 10HP DC; Reeves Vari-drive

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#627-1057  Eurobend Model MELC16x2PLC Multi-Line Straight and Cut Machine; new 2009; 2 wire line; 8 to 16mm (5/16″-5/8″); 20′ runout; flying shear; 300 FPM; Hyperbolic straightening and feeding system; PLC numerical control system; 2 payoff units

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#627-1074  Shuster Model 2A4V Straight & Cut Machine; min.-max. wire dia. .125″-.312″ (3.1-8.0mm); 10′ runout track; low-medium carbon; stationary cutoff; 200 FPM; 4 feed rolls; 10 HP DC; Reeves vari drive


 #627-1086  Schnell Model R-8 Rotor Straight & Cut Machine; wire dia.: 3-8mm; hot-cold-smooth-ribbed wire; low to medium carbon; 90 to 160 M/min. (300-533 ft./min.); max. pulling speed (depending on wire dia.): 160 M/min.; tolerance +- 0.5mm/m; rotating cutoff; 6 meter runout cutoff (20 ft.); vertical payoff model SVV-2F; 380-415V-50cycle; year 2019; 2 available

#627-1087  Vitari Model NR-350-E Straight & Cut Machine; wire dia. range: 4-12mm; low-medium carbon; max. cutting length-runout track: 6M/S; speed: 130 mts/min.; year mfg. 2006